Single boiler with ring brew group

The GO is a compact single boiler machine with a ring brew group.

1,2, 3...GO: After a very short heating phase, the machine is ready to make your espresso.

Press & GO: The espresso extraction, the steam mode activation and switching the machine on and off, simply at the touch of a button.

Never lose Control: The display shows the coffee brewing time to the second. The PID temperature control also allows you to set the desired temperature for coffee extraction and steam. The brewing pressure can be adjusted on the easily accessible expansion valve. In addition, a reminder can be set to display when to clean it if you wish. The ECO mode also allows you to program a timer to switch off the boiler when not in use to save energy.

The GO, featuring a brushed stainless steel housing, is available exclusively from selected specialist dealers who sell our products regionally and guarantee optimal instruction in using our machines.


Only available from our EXCLUSIVE LINE dealers. For more information, please contact your local dealer.

  • Single boiler espresso machine with ring brew group
  • Fast Heat-Up mode: Heating phase 5-7 min
  • PID
    Brewing counter in seconds
    Programmable ECO mode
    Programmable temperature mode
  • Brass boiler - 0,4 l
  • Boiler insulation
  • Copper heating
  • Water tank with 2,8 l volume
  • Removable water tank lid
  • Vibration pump
  • Pump pressure gauge
  • Expansion valve for brewing pressure adjustment
  • Button panel
  • Rotary valve for steam extraction
  • Cup tray
  • Max. Power usage
    EU, UK, CH, AU: 230 V/1300 W
    US: 115 V/900 W
  • Weight 12.9 kg
  • Dimension (WxDxH):
    210 x 362 x 381 mm without portafilter
    210 x 410 x 381 mm with filter holder

1 portafilter 2 spouts
1 filter 1 cup
1 filter 2 cups
1 blind filter
1 coffee tamper
1 cleaning brush
1 user manual

Item numbers:
10100 - black
10103 - red
10105 - yellow
10107 - blue
10109 - brushed stainless steel (Exclusive Line)