Handmade in Germany and Italy

Profitec – Professional technology made in Germany and Italy

At Profitec we stand for innovative technology and minimalist, modern design. The creation of technologically perfect and visually sophisticated products, resulting in the optimal espresso experience, is our utmost aspiration.

Can innovation and production go hand in hand? Well…quite clearly, it’s a yes!

All of our espresso machines and grinders are made by hand. For us, HANDcraft and technology are not contradictory terms. Quite the opposite in fact; the combination of traditional hand manufacturing and innovative progression is, in our eyes, an unequivocally perfect synthesis. Machine-based production is simply not enough for us to turn an idea that is as functional as it is passionate into a reality.
In our own production facilities our coffee crazed teams assembles every single espresso machine and grinder with extensive know-how in handling the materials and components in countless interlocking steps.

Handmade in Germany and Italy

As simultaneously selective and broadminded as we are when it comes to selecting our materials, and our distributors, we were just as strict with ourselves when it came to settling on our production facilities. Which is why we manufacture the GO and the PRO 300 in Milan (Italy) and all the other espresso machines and our range of grinders are manufactured in our headquarter not far from Heidelberg.
The tightknit teamwork and the knowhow of all our different departments gives us the possibility to produce every single one of our products directly and efficiently. The design, development, and production teams all inspire each other constantly and are in close contact with one another at all times; before, during, and after the production of each machine and grinder. By working in this way, we guarantee the creation of products that have been carefully considered and tested down to the last detail in terms of appearance, functionality, and finish to create the conditions for the perfect espresso.