Our passion


A bit like magic that you can drink - that's espresso for us.
And so that everyone can enjoy it, we have developed the perfect espresso machine for your home.

Our passion can be found in every detail, from development to manufacturing to packaging.

Our espresso machines are functional and user-friendly, making you the best barista among your friends in no time.

We have designed our machines with clean edges and a puristic form in expressive stainless steel. An absolute statement of luxury and design.

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Boiler systems

The dual boiler system

A dual boiler machine has one boiler used for brewing coffee and one for withdrawing steam and hot water. Both boilers are independent from one another and a PID, for example, can regulate the boiler temperature separately.

The boiler for brewing coffee is much smaller than the one used for steam and hot water. This means that the boiler contents is spent quicker and fresh water is used to prepare the espresso.

A dual boiler machine is more temperature stable than a machine with heat exchanger because of the two separate and individually temperature controlled boilers.

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Heat exchanger system

An espresso machine with heat exchanger system is a machine with two water circulation systems. Since the boiler is not completely filled with water, steam may by drawn after the machine is fully heated. A heat exchanger is built into this boiler. When making coffee, fresh water from the tank is used which is pumped into the heat exchanger, heated there to the optimal brewing temperature and then directed to the brew group and portafilter. Thus, fresh water is always used to brew espresso.

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Dipper System

A hand lever machine is what makes you a real pro.

The biggest and probably most obvious difference between other espresso machines is the hand lever brew group.

By pulling the hand lever, the pre-infusion in the machines starts. Hot water from the boiler flows into the massive brewing group and get’s cooled down to the right temperature. If you let go the lever to its original position, the water flow closes and a feather applies pressure onto the grinded coffee and extracts the coffee.

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News & Events

World of Coffee 2024 - Copenhagen, Denmark

The World of Coffee will take place from 27th to 29th June 2024 at the Bella Center Copenhagen. We look forward to welcoming you at our stand CB-001 in Hall C.